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Szkółka drzew i krzewów ozdobnych

About us


We are a young company, but rich in experience in manufacturing plants. Nursery Ornamental Trees and Shrubs "Blumkowsky" LTD, resulting from the acquisition of ornamental nurseries with its decades-long tradition and experience. Our strengths are over 40 - year experience of partners, qualified staff and a passion and love for plants. All this motivates us to further development of the nursery. We want to "instill" a love of green ever wider audience plants. To provide our customers with a fulfilling shopping we make every effort to ensure quality of our products. We have very ambitious plans for the development and modernization of our schools, in the future we plan to open a laboratory in-vitro. Currently, school occupies an area of ​​nearly 20 ha.  

We specialize in the production:

-trees, shrubs and conifers plants

-grafted on the trunk



Wholesale customers are welcome to read the current offer of the company, and individual customers are welcome in our point of sale, located in our nursery. In a separate activity, we also offer design, consultancy planting landscaping, construction or professional supervision of the work. Any orders we try to pursue with the utmost care, so that the landscaped area enjoyed its owners and at the same time he was also our pride.  We invite you to visit our nursery, study the wide range of plants.  

If you have any questions we are at your disposal

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